17 Ekim 2012 Çarşamba

Marine - Crown Capital Management Jakarta Indonesia

Crown Capital Eco Management engages in marine monitoring and distributing practical information in current monitoring projects in the region -- confirming their effectiveness, benefits and limitations. The crucial need for more coordination among local and international monitoring programs is also being looked into regularly, resulting in a recommendation on what conceptual model would be more efficient in creating monitoring programs in the future.

We conduct an array of marine evaluations based on various data, which includes good fisheries and biophysical resource. Crown Capital Eco Management has successfully determined several standard tools that effectively measures relevant factors.

Our monitoring activities provide a constant reference information on the condition of regional seas and addresses the following:
- mapping of sensitive marine areas
- coastal resources and guidelines
- water quality and pollution
- marine safety (naval defense operations, ship routing, etc.)

Overall, repeated measurements of critical aspects of the marine environment condition in key regions provide a substantial basis for evaluating growth towards better marine condition.

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